The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared by Petr Horacek


The Big-little mouse seems to believe she isn’t scared of the really big, scary animals in the woods. And, to prove it, she goes in there alone.

The other animals think she is brave, and when she comes across scary animals like bears and wolves she just says she isn’t scared and would they like to play. But none of them do. Until, that is, she find an animal she is afraid of and everything changes!

Lovingly and innocently illustrated – and told – by Petr Horacek – this fun, pretend-scary little picture book is an easy, get-into-reading character-led book. And plus, it’s worth reading just for how cool the mouse’s socks are!

Our fabulous Anthony Burt will be hosting the Childrens’ Imagination Lab at  the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019.  Each Tuesday over the summer, he’ll be highlighting a great book whose author/illustrator will be appearing at the festival. How exciting is that? Sign up to ensure you don’t miss out!  You’ve already missed: Rebel Cats, Tooth Fairy in Training  Trapdoor MysteriesThe Pawed PiperThe Red Dread. AND The Perfect Sofa. Oops!


Petr Horacek
Petr Horacek
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