The Moosic Makers by Heather Pindar & Barbara Bakos


Joni loves living on the farm, from her quiet seat on the porch to the barn where all her beloved animals live, she couldn’t be happier. With Nutmeg and Celery, her musical cows, she spends the evenings listening to them sign and dance to their moo-grass music as the other animals look on. One night a storm blows the roof off her barn and she must find the money to fix it or risk losing her home forever.

They busk to earn some money to repair the roof but when a MOOsic producer entices Nutmeg & Celery away, it’s not long before they realise that all is not what it seems with Mr Georgie Smarm and his glittery ties. When Georgie doesn’t pay they go back to the farm without a penny between them. Can Joni and the animals find a way to save the farm?

Heather Pindar and illustrator Barbara Bakos have created a toe-tapping, hoof-smashing tale of MOOsic and mayhem. Join Joni and her gang as they create the best shindig in town in the hope of saving their home!


Heather Pindar
Barbara Bakos
Maverick Arts Publishing

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