The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery


The Midnight Guardians hooked me in from the very beginning and kept me up way past my bedtime as I raced to the finish line, desperate to find out how Ross Montgomery’s pacy middle-grade adventure was going to pan out.

Set during the Blitz, grief-stricken Col is evacuated to the home of an unsympathetic aunt and, as if losing his father wasn’t bad enough, Col learns his beloved sister Rose is in terrible danger too.

Determined to reach London and save her, Col sets out into the frost-bitten, war-torn, English countryside dressed in a pair of shorts.

Fortunately (for the most part!), Col’s Guardians are by his side; imaginary, childhood friends who have risked everything to cross into Col’s world to help him in his quest. Beautifully captured by David Dean’s cover art, we find a tiger who changes size at will, a badger in a waistcoat, and a miniature knight called Rogue ( apologies, King of Rogues!) who come with problems of their own.

Wanted by the spine-chilling Midwinter King who is determined to feed off the pain and grief of the world, Col’s battle against the clock turns into an epic battle of good vs evil.

But in all this darkness, themes of friendship, family, loyalty and community still shine in the warmth of the festive season and, as you burrow into the book’s many layers, you will find yourself wrapped up in a magical tale of hope that has all the hallmarks of a beloved classic.


Ross Montgomery
Cover: David Dean
Walker Books

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