The Messy Mother’s Day

The Messy Mother's Day by Lucie BillingsleyThere are many picture books featuring a typical mess created by well meaning children on Mother’s Day, this one really works well – The Messy Mother’s Day from Lucie Billingsley.

Of course Mother’s Day means breakfast in bed, it’s ‘the only way to eat.’ The young children and their dad get busy. Painting, gluing, cupcake baking – a lot of careful preparations are undertaken … and then, oops, Baxter the family dog gets involved.

‘What will Mum say when she opens the door?’

This is a jaunty book whose repeating lines, carefully placed alliteration and plenty of questions make it perfect for reading out loud.

It will really suit a young audience, with the vibrant images and swirling narrative bringing the action to life. Have a look at the trailer below.

The Messy Mother’s Day is a featured picture book on our list of The Best Books for Mother’s Day.


Lucie Billingsley
Lucie Billingsley

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