The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty by Beatrice Alemagna


I couldn’t help but warm to five and a half year old Eddie from the very first page of this beautiful picture book, The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty by Beatrice Alemagna. Perhaps it is the first person point of view and Eddie’s very childlike voice, or perhaps her very childlike problem – not being very good at anything. But this story is a journey that shows us how Eddie discovered something she is good at, and what a journey it is!

It is very easy to see why Beatrice Alemagna has won awards for her books and illustrative works – The Marvellous Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty is embroidered with intricate detail. I couldn’t wait to turn the pages to see what else was in store – literally!
We visit shops and boutiques bursting at the seams with delightful objects and mouth-watering delicacies as Eddie takes us through her town on the hunt for a Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty for her mother’s birthday. With great economy of language, Alemagna introduces us to a cast of different characters, from friendly florists to bad-tempered butchers – a community that gives Eddie the tools to find what she needs all by herself.

The most beautiful place we visit, however, is Eddie’s imagination! As bright and colourful as the flashes of neon pink splashed throughout this book.

This heartwarming tale will capture the hearts of children…and their grown-ups.


Beatrice Alemagna
Beatrice Alemagna
Thames & Hudson

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