The Magic Crayon by Amy Sparkes & Ali Pye


I’m loving this shiny new picture book from Amy Sparkes and Ali Pye. Filled with joyous rhymes and packed with imagination, The Magic Crayon is a wonderful adventure.

Meet Chloe, younger sister of Jack. Jack is a brother who LOVES to play tricks.

One night, after she’s been sent to her room – for something Jack did – Chloe spots,

“Her silvery crayon – there,

on the floor!

It shone and it sparkled

like never before…”

Chloe scribbles a witch outside Jack’s bedroom door. Imagine her surprise when the witch not only comes to life but turns Jack into a frog!


As the witch zooms from the room, Chloe feels bad – and works out a way to get Jack back.

The story is filled with imagination as Chloe’s drawings see her launched into a fairy-tale wood. With quick thinking she escapes trolls and wolves… but will she reach Jack before he becomes bangers and mash?!


I love how imaginative this story is – packed with delicious twists and turns. Ali Pye’s joy-filled illustrations sweep us up in Chloe’s marvellous adventures.


Amy Sparkes
Ali Pye

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