The Loop by Ben Oliver


When your execution can be delayed if you allow them to experiment on you and harvest your energy every day – welcome to Luka Kane’s world as he survives the horrors of the prison he now calls home.

Not only is The Loop controlled by artificial intelligence but the cell he is confined to every day is totally impenetrable with only a robotic voice to keep him company as he refuses to accept his fate. Interspersed with announcements from the Overseer, Galen, Luka spends his time within the four walls of his living space working out a plan to escape.

Wren, his robotic cell-watcher, is against Galen and all that he stands for. Using her knowledge and access to the mainframe she helps Luka and his friends escape when unrest begins to spread and he awakes on his 17th birthday to pandemonium in his normally silent world.

This is a novel that should probably be read in one sitting, otherwise expect sleepless nights and the refusal of your mind to let you forget Luka, Wren and the inmates, and their will to survive The Loop.

An absolutely jaw-droppping futuristic debut from Ben Oliver to be followed by the rest of the trilogy in 2021 and 2022.


Ben Oliver
Chicken House

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