The London 2012 Games Superstars


An Official London 2012 Olympic books, The London 2012 Games Superstars is just that – a guide to the superstars of the London Olympics.

Bright, colourful and brimming with facts. This books dedicates a page to each of its chosen sporting stars presenting two columns of information on each one. The first focuses on facts such as their nationality, event, titles and date of birth. The second one is full of inspiring snippets such as quotes, Magic Moments and London 2012 Targets. For example. Did you know that Australian Paralympic Athlete Kelly Cartwright adopted a three-legged cat to help her on her journey to learn to walk again?

From Chris Hoy to Rafael Nadal, swimming to equestrian a myriad of sports are represented here. As with The London 2012 Games Fact File, Olympic sports sit comfortably side by side with Paralmypic athletes and stars.

These profiles are interspersed with activities such as true/false and spot the difference tasks (all on a sporting theme) making it a more interactive read.


Gavin Newsham
Official London 2012 Olympic book

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