The King’s Birthday Suit by Peter Bently & Claire Powell


From the moment I glanced at those wonderful endpapers I just knew I was going to love this one, and then I read Peter’s opening lines…

“King Albert-Horatio-Otto the Third
had so many clothes it was simply absurd.
He had outfits for yoga and stroking his cat
He never ate cheese without changing his hat.”

From the Hans Christian Andersen tale we all know, Peter Bently brings joy, energy and a cheeky sense of humour. His expert hand at rhyme and rhythm is a joy to behold and makes this one an utter delight to read out loud.

I love the asides, (tucked into brackets) which cleverly ensures all little listeners are in on the joke as it develops.

Claire Powell’s illustrations have a wonderfully crisp and energetic warmth to them. I loved her expressive characters and – oh my! – those GLORIOUS clothes!

With plenty to make you smile and catch your eye, The King’s Birthday Suit is quite the treat.


Peter Bently
Claire Powell

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