The King of Kazam by Jen Hyatt & Cassandra Harrison

Kazam’s King is mean, selfish and shouts all the time. He wants splendiferous castles built in his name and he will stop at nothing to get them. The more elaborate the design, the more money he needs. He raises taxes, demands everything from everyone around him and even charges the humble people of Kazam every time they need to use the loo!

When the villagers run out of money to pay him, there’s nowhere for all the poo to go because they can’t afford to flush!

An incredibly pungent catastrophe waiting to happen, this fun take on toilet humour will have you laughing out loud as you read on. A smelly, wonderful and yet poignant story of community joy amidst troubling financial times, has been created in rhyme by author, Jen Hyatt. With superb illustrations by Cassandra Harrison, the characters are brought to life on each page as the sewage system threatens to explode!

The King of Kazam celebrates children who bravely challenge a King to share the riches of their kingdom with the whole community. The profit from every sale (£2) will be donated to The Trussell Trust via Work for Good. You can purchase a copy of the book from where the total funds raised so far, are available to view too!
The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of over 1,200 food banks, about two thirds of the food banks in the UK. These provided 2.5 million three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis in 2020/21. More than 14 million people in the UK live below the poverty line and struggle daily to feed themselves and their families. The Trussell Trust brings together the experiences of food banks, and their local communities, to help eradicate poverty and end the need for food banks in the UK.

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