The Isobel Journal

The Isobel Journal

Totally amusing, quirky and down right enjoyable in every way, The Isobel Journal from Isobel Harrop is a fresh and honest take on the teenage years.

The perfect addition to any teenager’s bookshelf for sure!

Organised around three central themes; Me; Friends, Otters, College & Art, plus Love, Isobel keeps her readers amused with her sketches and observations.

Isobel is a teenager, she lives at her home with Dad, her step-mum and three siblings. ‘Underwear shopping at the supermarket with Dad’ is embarrassing, even more so when he’s been ‘walking around with a feather in his hair all day’

Isobel loves ‘drawing things that I see’, and thankfully this journal is full of her great observations.

Filled with sketches, quirky comments and pictures she captures snapshots of days, along with wonderfully random thoughts and opinions in a stream of consciousness that is delightfully entertaining.

‘Watching adults use the internet … is very, very painful.’

Isobel captures that shy awkwardness of friendships and ‘fitting in’, whilst embracing individuality and freedom.

‘Be your own best friend.’

Isobel’s Journal is a visual delight, capturing a unique voice.

At times funny, at times poignant, at times heart breaking (that breakup *sigh*) this fresh journal captures a little bit of everything … making it all seem just that little bit normal.


Isobel Harrop
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