The Island

island - David AlmondThis short, specially-written World Book Day story by David Almond is a little gem.

Written in Almond’s signature poetic, ethereal prose it’s a story of a girl called Louise and her father visiting the northern island of Lindisfarne. They go every year to remember the memory of her dead mother.

On the way to the island, Louise meets a strange, mystical boy called Dark Star. He is a Syrian refugee travelling to the island to recall the memory of his dead father too. His real name is Hassan and he performs tricks to earn money and travel.

Almond is very keen on the “Otherly” nature of circus performers, travellers and those who glide through the world as if they have a wilder, more natural soul than others. This story does have the twinge of similarity to his book, Ella Grey, but – unlike that book – this one has a more powerful message about war, loving one another and that children can decide not to create the same chaos their parents have.

All wrapped up in less than 100 pages and for just £1, this is a lovely little read…!


David Almond
Hodder Childrens

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