The Highland Cowgirl by Louisa MacDougall & Sarah Lovell

Yee ha, adventurers! The Highland Cowgirl by Louisa McDougall, with enchanting illustrations by Sarah Lovell, is a delightful tale about dreams, determination, and the true spirit of a cowgirl.

Meet Hanna, a young girl living in the bustling Wild West End of the city. Despite the concrete courtyards and busy streets, Hanna’s heart belongs to the real Wild West. She dreams of riding ponies, herding cows, and exploring wide-open spaces. But in the city, these dreams seem far away.

Then one day, an exciting opportunity arises—Hanna’s class gets to visit a farm in the Scottish countryside! From the moment she steps off the bus and into the fresh country air, Hanna feels right at home. With her cowgirl hat and boots, she’s ready for any adventure that comes her way.

However, things don’t go quite to plan. Hanna finds herself stumbling into muddy puddles and, to her dismay, stepping right into cow pats. For a while, she feels more like a cowpat girl than a cowgirl.



But Hanna’s cowgirl spirit never wavers. When a hairy highland calf gets stuck, it’s up to Hanna to save the day. Despite her earlier mishaps, she uses quick thinking, bravery, and her cowgirl know-how to devise a clever plan, proving that following your passions can help you overcome any obstacle.



Sarah Lovell’s illustrations are rich in warm heathery colours and whimsical details, bringing the Scottish highlands and the farm to life. Each page is a visual treat, perfectly capturing the magic and charm of Hanna’s adventure. Louisa MacDougall’s storytelling is full of lovely language and has a playful tone that’s perfect for reading aloud.

The Highland Cowgirl is more than just a story—it’s an uplifting message about pursuing your dreams and the amazing adventures that await when you follow your heart. So, put on your hat, saddle up, and join Hanna for an unforgettable highland adventure. Happy trails!




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