The Great Sea Dragon Discovery


An intriguing adventure, chock-a-block full of atmosphere.

I really adored this book. Firstly, and foremostly, it’s great storytelling. Characters you can get behind, twists and turns which are believable yet exciting. And a really satisfying conclusion.

Bill lives with his Ma and Pa in Granchester, just outside Cambridge. It’s the 1860s and times are tough. Very tough, especially since Dad lost his job. Plus, Mum is ill.

Rent for the house has to be paid. Winter is coming. I’ve got to work, whatever Ma thinks, Bill decided, as he walked to school.

Bill is a determined character, with his heart in the right place. He hears about jobs going at the nearby coprolite diggings and manages to get a spot up there. Well, this job sends Bill off on quite the discovery. He loves sorting through the discarded rocks, learning about fossils… and learning that if he sells them to the right people in town he can also get a bit of money for them.

And then there’s the big twist. The big discovery – the clue is in the title, but no spoilers here! But he needs to get it to the right people, at the right time. And he needs his family to trust him… because so far, things haven’t been going right at home.

Pippa Goodhart’s novel is an exciting story about family and friends, about fossils – who doesn’t love looking for those on the beach?! – and determination.

The Great Sea Dragon Discovery is storytelling at its best.


Pippa Goodhart
Lisa Horton
Catnip Publishing Ltd

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