The Goose Road – Rowena House

thegooseroadThe Goose Road by Rowena House, published by Walker Books

World War One has begun and 14 year-old Angelique finds herself with only one option if she is to save the farm, the only home she has ever known. With her father and brother off to fight in the bloody war, and convinced they will return, it is up to her to continue the daily rituals on her family’s land until they are all reunited once again.

With only a gaggle of impressive geese left to sell, she makes her way across France overcoming obstacles and life-changing events that will shape her into the empowered young woman she becomes. As she crosses towns and villages that have their own secrets to keep, she discovers that the people she meets along the way do not have her best interests at heart.

Rowena House’s historical début is a wonderful story of adventure and determination with an abundance of camaraderie between her and her animal companions.

As she wins as many battles as she can to get to her destination, the reader will feel every stone she steps on, every night of broken sleep she embraces and once they read the final page they will having taken Angelique into their hearts as I did.

[Reviewer’s own copy – we love it that much!]


Rowena House
Walker Books

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