The Gathering Storm by Tamsin Mori


Stella has been on high-alert ever since sea-witch, the Haken, stalked the beach near her home. Every day she checks the horizon for a glimpse, a new daily ritual. All she’s ever wanted is to be a Weather Weaver – a collector of rain, hail and wind – any weather system that finds it way to her shores. Stella has a lot to learn but with her trusty cloud, Nimbus, by her side, they’ve been practising both their skills from the snippets they’ve been shown in secret by Tamar, a local Weather Weaver. Word has got around that Tamar has broken the rules by teaching her their ways, as only apprentices should be shown their magic and Stella wasn’t at that level yet. When Velda, Leader of the Ice Weavers, enquires about the rumours in her role as Council Elder, Tamara and Stella deny all knowledge and fingers are pointed in Stella’s direction even though it was Tamar who had gone against their long-standing tradition.

This only leads to trouble for Stella as she is determined to attend the Gathering and put herself forward for the trials, whether given consent or not. Can she persuade the Elders that she deserves a chance or will Stella and Nimbus feel the wrath of the Council? After all, everyone knows what happens to those who break the rules…

Tamsin Mori creates a magical world full of legends, storms and tradition in her gripping tale of adventure and self-belief. Stella and Nimbus are a fantastic duo, ready for anything, but their enthusiasm can create a whole lot of chaos for a girl and her cloud. With stunning illustrations by David Dean and Hannah Blackman-Kurz, this is a fantastic sequel to Mori’s first adventure with Stella in ‘The Weather Weaver’.


Tamsin Mori
David Dean and Hannah Blackman-Kurz
UCLan Publishing

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