The Entertainer

The Entertainer from Emma Dodd is a delightfully entertaining picture book – complete with that perfect ‘OH!’ moment.

It’s Billy’s birthday. When the door bell rings the bear shaped entertainer is ushered in and welcomed without so much as a second thought.

… because why else would a bear be at the door?

This particular entertainer is a sure fire hit; although his bad manners including the fact that he unfortunately devours ALL the party food, sure does raise a few eyebrows.

‘He licked his lips, his tummy rumbled.

Over to the feast he stumbled.’

Emma Dodd uses jubilant rhyme and rhythm throughout with just a few exceptions …. those fab yellow notes that crop up from time to time. These are a clever angle. Written with an enjoyable tongue-in-cheek tone, the author is reminds us that this entertainer’s manners should not be copied at home! This author has got your back parents!

Emma’s illustrations are perfect for a party themed book – bright, eye popping colours dominate the pages. My favourite? Oh it has to be the childrens’ reactions to the bear’s antics, which Emma portrays with great energy. Pure genius – especially when Billy is literally double over with laughter. Emma’s illustrations capture her characters’ enthusiasm and joy perfectly.

… and why is the entertainer acting so, urm, strangely?

The Entertainer will is an awesome picture book to gift as a birthday present.

Enjoy my interview with Emma Dodd here.


Emma Dodd
Emma Dodd
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