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The Elf on the Shelf is soooo much fun! Compare online prices by checking out our guide at the top of this page.

Discover how to have the most fun with your elf with this guide.

Looking to start up your own family Christmas tradition? Then this one is for you. The only limitations are your imagination ~ don’t worry, we can help you out there.

What is it? A gorgeous box which you unfold to reveal a hardcover book and … the elf of course. Currently, you can select from a boy, girl, light skin, dark skin …. and rumour has it there are also accessories available!!
What’s next? The elf has been sent from Santa. Your child’s first bit of fun is to decide on a name, then register the elf online – this results in a letter from Santa creating a lovely personal connection to the new arrival. Too cute!

The Book: the gorgeous hardcover book is written by the elf, sharing Santa’s secret on how he manages to keep an eye on so many children during the year. Carefully incorporating rhythm and rhyme alongside colourful illustrations the elf reveals all. He/she will report back to Santa each night. Which means each morning the child(ren) needs to find him in his new place,

‘I can hide on a plant, a shelf, or a frame.

Where will I be? Let’s make it a game.’

The one rule is that the Elf must not be touched.

Now you need to get started – The Book Depository has the full range – girl/boy/dark/light. Online delivery can sometimes take a while, so if that is your option … get ordering! Next, you need to think about how your elf will arrive – I love the idea of he/she turning up on 1st December with the advent calendar as a gift.

New for 2018 is the great Bumper Activity Book – this is ideal, filled with stickers and a chart for children to record what their elf has been up to.

So each night you need to move your elf – this is where the fun begins, oh yes!!

Where do you put your elf? We’ve put together a heap of inspiration which starts here, our Elf worked hard on her photo shoot!!

Maybe the elf will lead your child(ren) to a Christmas activity,

or give them a task to complete (I’ve seen wonderful charity ideasThe Elf on the Shelf - My Book Corner incorporated here), or

…. will it be found making snow angels in a pile of flour on the kitchen table?!

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