The Dodos Did It by Alice McKinley


The Dodos Did It by Alice McKinley is a joyful dodo-filled romp with the very important warning… be careful what you wish for!

Jack is dodo obsessed. Everything he owns is connected to dodos – lamps, toys… you name it. He has it. But even Jack knows that these are no substitute for the real thing. And so… he wished for one. “Pop!” A dodo appeared!

When you’re having so much fun with one dodo, why not wish for more? Jack? He ended up with ten. And the result is pure chaos everywhere. In the library, the swimming pool, the supermarket… but when he blames the mess, the confusion on the dodos – his parents are NOT putting up with that excuse! Dodos are extinct!

I love the chaos that leaps from the pages, the illustrations are full of movement and joy and… I spy Newton too!

Back at home, having been sent to his room… Jack makes another wish. Ooops!

The Dodos Did It is wonderfully entertaining, full of humour and… simply perfect for right now.


Alice McKinley
Alice McKinley
Simon & Schuster

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