The Day I was Erased by Lisa Thompson


It doesn’t matter what he’s doing or where he’s going, trouble is never far behind when Maxwell Beckett is around.

Living with his big sister Bex and his parents who constantly argue, Maxwell keeps getting into trouble at school, he’s so fed up he wishes he could disappear!

When another few mishaps involving switching off all the electricity at school when a TV show comes to film and breaking his friend Charlie’s nose by accident, Maxwell soon finds that Monster (his rescue dog) and his elderly neighbour Reg seem to be his only friends in the world. Everyone seems to be cross with him and he can’t seem to behave at all.

Spending time with Reg, he comes across an assortment of antiques. A musical egg grabs his attention and it’s not long before he discovers that the egg is maybe not quite what it seems.

Was Maxwell wishing to be erased, really what he had hoped for?

Can he ever convince his family that he’s one of them, or will they carry on their lives without him unaware that a magical force was at play?

After seeing how his absence affects the lives of those he loves the most, he’d do anything to get back to before – even if it meant doing his homework, behaving in class and not annoying his sister so much.

Lisa Thompson’s The Boy Who Was Erased is a fantastic story of a calamitous boy who learns the hard way that all is not so rosy on the other side. The poignant story of his erasure adventure when no-one knows who he is is both funny and heart-felt as he considers the repercussions of his actions and decides to change his ways – but only if he can get back to his old life!


Lisa Thompson

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