The Day I Became The Most Wanted Boy In The World

mostwantedboyintheworldAs part of Tom McLaughlin’s fun-packed, comedy series of books for younger readers (aged 6 – 10), this new one is a punchy, rollercoaster ride of unpredictable events. Published by Walker Books, The Day I Became The Most Wanted Boy In The World sees our hapless, snooker-loving hero Pete get sent by his mum to the shops to buy some parsnips and pilchards. Except, things don’t quite work out like that…

Pete accidentally joins forces with water-pistol loving Sammy and find they mistakenly rob a bank, steal a bike, frighten half the town, and impersonating the toughest criminal gang in town: the Blodders. Pete and Sammy go on a fast-paced, joke-filled romp across their town Barnet, becoming top-notch criminals when all they wanted was some parsnips.

I laughed out loud a lot reading this great little book – a really hilarious adventure that had a lot of genuinely great moments in it. Pete and Sammy’s characters bounce off one another really well and they’ll make any kid want to read this brilliant, funny book!


Tom McLaughlin
Tom McLaughlin
Walker Books

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