The Cauldron of Life by Caroline Logan


Across the scattered Isles of Ossiana, Ailsa must tread carefully if she is to rescue Harris from the clutches of the revered Faerie Queen. Eilanmor is not a place she wished to return to but she has no choice if she is to see him again. Haunted by nightmares about her past that seem to touch the boundaries of her present reality, she is torn. Can she accept an unfathomable truth that would change her destiny forever? Will she ever learn to control the untold magic that lies deep within her very being? As she journeys towards evil, Heaven and Hell are on the brink of war and she must decide which side to take. Can she rescue Harris in time? Will the Faerie Queen have other surprises in store for her? Which path will Ailsa take… Good? Or Evil?

Caroline Logan does not disappoint with this fantastic follow up to her YA debut ‘The Stone of Destiny’. The second in her Four Treasures series, ‘The Cauldron of Life’ is a dark, tumultuous novel that weaves its way into your soul as you follow Ailsa on her quest. Caroline has a rare gift of pulling the reader in as if they were right there with her as the adventure continues.



Caroline Logan
Cranachan Publishing

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