The Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden - Laura Weston - My Book CornerThe Butterfly Garden, Laura Weston, is a thoughtfully rendered, beautifully crafted picture book which charts the life cycle of a butterfly in a manner which encourages little fingers to explore, and minds to wonder.

With minimal text on each page, ‘an egg’, ‘a flight’, ‘a sleep’ Laura Weston’s narrative takes her readers on the butterfly’s journey.

Each double page of this hard-cover book features perfectly rendered black and white illustrations depicting the butterfly in its natural habitat. Multiple flaps are offered on every page. Nestled underneath each one is a delightful vibrantly coloured illustration to bring each stage of the butterfly’s journey to life. Pure delight! Laura Weston has crafted a fabulous picture book which delights and educated as the same time.

The Butterfly Garden is a delightful non-fiction picture book, offering a fabulous exploration of nature.

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