The Boy Who Dreamed Dragons by Caryl Lewis & Carmen Saldaña


The Boy Who Dreamed Dragons is a touching tale that follows the story of Albie, a little boy who prefers the very real world of his own imagination to the world outside his door. Perhaps the strangest thing about Albie is that he loves going to bed! And perhaps you would too if, every night, you dreamed up incredible dragons in your dreams who then played with you the next day – showering you with autumn leaves, helping you slide down slippery snow slopes, and even browning your toast in the mornings.

The only problem is, other children don’t like bedtime and, worst of all, they don’t understand Albie’s love for his dragons. They want him to forget his ‘silly’ creatures if he wants to join in their games. But loyal Albie is not prepared to abandon them, even when a part of him would like to experience the easy friendship the other children share.

Being true to yourself can be hard sometimes, but it can also lead to the most wonderful reward – an authentic friendship with someone who “sees” your dragons and accepts them.

Carmen Saldaña’s magical illustrations capture the colour and detail of Albie’s rich inner life, and the warmth of Caryl Lewis’s words in this powerful story about true friendship and connection.


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