The Bones of Me by Kel Duckhouse


Flying Eye has set the bar sky high with the publication of their first YA novel – The Bones Of Me by Kel Duckhouse.

Amateur boxer Molly is determined to follow in her brother Denny’s footsteps, and rise above the low expectations people have of a working class girl from a council estate. And Molly has to fight against those very same prejudices as her humble upbringing threatens to tear down her confidence inside the ring and out. But Molly’s got moxie, and a wonderful relationship with her big brother who believes in her more than she does herself. 

So when Denny goes missing just after a vicious attack takes place outside their gym, Molly sets out to find him and prove his innocence, even when mounting evidence against him fuels her own painful doubts and lead her deeper into the underbelly of East London, and secrets buried in her own family’s past. 

Tosin Akinkunmi’s cover illustration perfectly captures the mood of this novel, and I loved the insight into what it means to be a real Cockney (pie, mash and liquor, anyone?). The portrayal of Molly’s father as being vulnerable and emotional does much to overturn unhelpful stereotypes.

With an immersive mix of verse and prose setting the pace and rhythm of the story, I tore through this book in one sitting and felt like my emotions had gone a few rounds in the ring with Molly. More from Kel Duckhouse, please


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