The Big Stink by Lucy Freegard

The Big STink

Author-illustrator Lucy Freegard’s The Big Stink is a highly entertaining cat-and-mouse detective story with all the action and near-misses you’d expect from a daring art robbery!

And while we know cheese-thief Charlie is in the wrong for stealing, Lucy’s fun-filled illustrations make this character so appealing that we can’t help but champion this mischievous mouse on his mouth-watering mission – to steal the most delicious exhibit in the Museum of Cheese – The Stinker.

Little ones will be on the edge of your lap as Charlie sneaks past a grizzly guard only to find himself smack bang in the middle of a laser-beam alarm! Squeak!

Lucy has even catered for adult readers with her charmingly cheesy puns that are, themselves, pure works of art. So, my apologies, Leonardo Da Stinky, but it will always be the Mona Cheesa to me from now on.

The Big Stink is one of those books you’ll want to read again and again to spot any delectable details you might have missed.



Lucy Freegard
Lucy Freegard
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