The Big Christmas Bake by Fiona Barker & Pippa Curnick

Magical things happen in the kitchen when it’s time to make a cake for the Twelfth Night. With Christmas Day over with, there’s only twelve days to get all the ingredients together for the big bake! There’s lots of animal friends to help out – the cat maids balanced precariously on a cart with their butter, the penguins in their festive jumpers carrying sacks of sugar and the frog lords leaping with the HUGE cake tin in tow. So many delightful creatures are involved in this flour-filled masterpiece, it’s great fun for all! The secret bean has been placed in the mixture, who’s slice will it appear in? Will you be crowned the Twelfth Night King or Queen?
Fiona Barker’s hilarious rhyming take on the well-known Christmas story ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ is a culinary joy to read. From dancing hippos to bounding rabbits – everyone has their part in the story as they bring the reader to the wonderful finale of who will be crowned. A tale of team work amid the chaos of the kitchen, Pippa Curnick’s illustrations bring each animal to life with festive cheer!

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