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The 26-Storey Treehouse reveals Andy and Terry’s story … ahem, in Andy and Terry style, of course!

With trade mark wit, humour and silliness Andy pens a great tale. It begins with the son of two incredibly over protective parents who as a result insist he spend time in a padded room with a pair of self inflating underpants … told you this was good.

Of course there’s always more than one side to every story, cue Terry’s great yarn followed by the delightful addition of Jill and her involvement in how they all met … and any more details will be giving the game away. You’ll need to delve in to the pages for yourself.

I can’t finish this review without giving you a quick glimpse in to the freshly modernised home, can I?

Andy’s favourite word ‘doom’ has crept in to describe the maze from which no one has emerged. Spend pages drooling over the fabulous selections of seventy-eight flavours of ice-creams served up by Edward Scooperhands and then watch Terry eat them … all. Pleased to report that old favourites such as the automatic marshmallow machine and the flying cats still have a place … check out the trailer below.

How much pure, unadultereated fun it must be to create this book!! I love Terry’s illustrations which contain a quirky humour all of their own. They contain a myriad of details, pay close attention!

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