Ten Things You Didn’t Know About… Laure Eve

Laure EveTo celebrate #CountdownYA Laura Eve has popped into My Book Corner to share …

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About … Fearsome Dreamer & The Illusionists ...
’cause there really is nothing better than a peek behind the scenes of your favourite books right? (and the much anticipated The Illusionists hits bookstores on 7th August.)

Have a browse, and tell me … which one did you find the most surprising??

1. Every dream in both books is inspired by one of my own dreams.

2. Frith is named in homage to the rabbit god of Watership Down by Richard Adams.

3. Rue is named in homage to a character from Duncton Wood by William Horwood.

4. Originally, Frith wasn’t even meant to be a main character – he just sort of insistently made himself more important. It’s a bit weird when that happens.

5. Originally, neither was Fernie… for those who haven’t read the books, I won’t spoil her role in the story, but let’s say it’s more important than perceived to be at the beginning.
Laure Eve.

Laure Eve

6. In reference to the alternative history theme running throughout, there are a few mangled French words and place names in there that might not be apparent at first glance. The female honorific of ‘Zelle’, for example, is a shortened version of the French ‘Mademoiselle’. The male honorific of ‘Syer’ is a shortened version of the French ‘Monsieur’.

7. There is a whole pantheon of gods in the polytheistic religion of Angle Tar. The higher pantheon has a complimentary male and female version of each major god, e.g. Threya is the goddess of spirit, emotion, passion and desire. Her male counterpart, Thred, is the god of mind, intelligence, curiosity and madness.

8. Rochelette, where Lea’s nanny was from, is broadly North Yorkshire. New Nantes, where Wren comes from, is Dover. And Bretagnine, where Rue is from, is Cornwall.

9. This might sound obvious to some people, but I’ve had others express surprise when I told them, so hell, I’ll put it here – White is of mixed Chinese, Mongolian and Russian heritage. In my mind he definitely has Asian features, as does his sister Cho.

10. And finally… one character from Fearsome Dreamer and The Illusionists appears in another book I’m writing, set in a completely different universe. And that’s all I’m going to say 😀

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