Tam O’Shanter by Robert Burns. Adapted by Richmond Clements, illustrated by Inko


When Tam O’Shanter stayed out too late he was warned by the local tarot card reader to be careful on his way home. She saw ghostly ghouls, witches and the like in his readings but Tam took no heed.

One stormy night as he was travelling home on his trusty steed Meg, frightened and wary of the dark path ahead, he ignored the unsettling aura around him and urged her on past the church. The tarot readers voice playing over and over in his head ‘beware of what might come to see you on your journey home’. However, Tam, determined to reach his wife and the comfort of home, pressed on through the rain.

A light in the usually derelict church stopped him in his tracks and it wasn’t long before he was under the spell of things that go bump in the night. Was this his comeuppance for taking the long way home? Would Tam ever learn his lesson and would Meg ever get her tail back? All is not what it seems in Tam’s world.

This graphic novel rendition of the tale of the infamous Tam O’Shanter, written in 1791 by the bard himself, Robert Burns. Cranachan Publishing have excelled with such a fantastic collaboration between Scottish folklore and Japanese artistry.

Written in Scots this is worth a look for the genius of the author Richmond Clements and the astounding artist, Inko, coming together in words and graphics.

A fantastic addition to any bookshelf!



Robert Burns, adapted by Richmond Clements
Cranachan Publishing

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