Supertato - Evil Peas RuleThere was high excitement in my house when we realised we were going to get a sneak preview of Sue Hendra and Paul Linnets’ new Supertato picture book: Evil Pea Rules!

My youngest (now 6) has been a fan of the heroic spud since he swapped his World Book Day voucher for the first Supertato book a couple of years ago. For those who have enjoyed Supertato and his second adventure: Veggies Assemble, you will not be disappointed by the third installment.

The baddie of the last book, Evil Pea, gets ‘crafty’ making mischief and trying to take over the supermarket by freezing everything in sight – including poor old Supertato himself!

Despite our intrepid hero being out of action, Evil Pea’s take-over doesn’t go to plan. But will the veggies be able to rescue our hero and get things back in order in time for Christmas?

Sue Hendra’s crazy story and clever word play will keep young and old giggling to Christmas and beyond. Evil Pea is such a funny character, who eventually gets the perfect punishment for his crafty crimes.

Paul Linnet’s pictures are bold and capture the facial expressions of the vegetables beautifully. They are a great springboard for discussions about body language and emotion. The pages are busy and bright with lots of little details to keep eager eyes interested while the story is being read.

A fun, frosty story, perfectly timed for Christmas; Supertato is out 2nd November 2017.



Sue Hendra
Paul Linnet
Simon & Schuster

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