Superheroes Don’t Get Scared… Or Do They? by Kate Thompson & Clare Elsom


Superheroes Don’t Get Scared… Or Do They? is a funny, uplifting picture book that is sure to grab your attention with it’s eye catching front cover and comic book style title.
Kate Thompson’s lively rhyming text combines laugh out loud moments with a heart-warming moral. Clare Elsom’s fun, bright and bold illustrations match the superhero theme so well.

In this story, we meet Maisie Brown, who doesn’t feel brave at all. She dreams of being a superhero because they never get scared… right? Throughout the story we meet a number of hilarious superhero characters; Burpnado, Specstacular and Bogey Boy. Maisie Brown soon discovers that even the strongest and bravest hero can sometime feel scared.
Upside Down Books are a new children’s imprint of Trigger Publishing that focuses on mental health issues and promotes positivity, emotional intelligence and wellness for children.

This story has a strong message at its heart, ‘that bravery cannot exist unless you first feel… FEAR.’

Children will definitely be able to relate to Maisie in this story. Sharing this book with children will help encourage them to discover their inner powers by facing their fears.

Superheroes Don’t Get Scared… Or Do They? will help normalise the experience of fear and anxiety, and is sure to make your little superheroes giggle!



Kate Thompson
Clare Elsom
Trigger Publishing

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