Sticky Pines: The Bigwoof Conspiracy by Dashe Roberts


Now this book, the debut from Dashe Roberts, is a real blinder! I read the opening chapter to a bunch of Year 6 pupils and they were hooked… because this is a brilliant story.

Sticky Pines: The BigWoof Conspiracy has a Stranger Things / X-Files vibe to it, with a big dollop of witty writing from Dashe Roberts.

Meet UFO-obsessed Lucy Sladan. She knows there are mysteries to be uncovered in her home town of Sticky Pines. She’s sure of it. 110% sure. She’s just got to find the evidence first… ’cause there really is something out there. Isn’t there??

Recent disappearances in Sticky Pines have moved Lucy’s imagination in to top investigation mode – this is the mystery she’s been ready and waiting for. She’s ready. She’s just got to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night, not get caught and get some irrefutable evidence. Easy right?

Well actually… Lucy’s midnight escapade produces some amazing evidence. It’s all caught on camera. This is her moment. But then… it mysteriously disappears.

It’s all really odd, and before she knows it Lucy and her friends find themselves wrapped up in something far bigger than they could possibly ever imagined.

With a fast paced plot, sharper than sharp dialogue – somebody PLEASE compile a list of Lucy’s best exclamations – plenty of clues and tonnes of intrigue to keep you turning the pages, Sticky Pines: The Bigwoof Conspiracy is a super exciting start to a new middle grade series. We  can’t wait for book 2!


Dashe Roberts
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