Steve, the Terror of the Sea


How on Earth could such a tiny, unassuming fish like little Steve be so scary?

Well, this fun, frolic of a picture book shows you how! In a neat, punchy prose style that hooks you (see what I did there?) straight in, we get to know ickle Steve. And, over the course of the first six or seven spreads of  Megan Brewis’s Steve, the Terror of the Sea – each one joyfully illustrated – Steve meets bigger and bigger, nastier and nastier fish who all swim away from him, afraid Steve will eat them.

Towards the end of the picture book I was thinking: but how? What? Why? How is Steve so scary to everyone (especially when he looks so cute and friendly!)? And then the big, twisty reveal happens at the end and I realised…! It was so obvious! But not because it kept me guessing.

Anyway, I won’t spoil the end for you and tell you what the reveal is. Suffice to say, this is both a fun and actually very educational picture book too. In fact, I really enjoyed the spreads that had illustrations of different fish species labelled on them, especially as these were done with a lot of good-natured, dark-ish humour.

So, if you’re looking for a nice story and some fishy, ocean-themed education for your little one, then “Steve, the Terror of the Sea” is a great choice!


Megan Brewis
Megan Brewis
Oxford University Press

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