Spaghetti Hunters by Morag Hood


What a brilliantly bonkers story this is! Morag Hood has again created a fabulous book that will appeal to little ones with its funny text and trademark bold, bright illustrations. I read it out loud to my 6 year old and we both ended up giggling at the hilarious, random mix of characters, objects and plotline. There’s a grumpy duck in a teapot, a tiny horse in a blue hat and a spaghetti hunting kit including peas, a net and peanut butter. Perfectly peculiar!

So, Duck has lost his spaghetti and is joined on his quest to find it by his friend Tiny Horse (who really is a very, very, very tiny horse). Tiny Horse claims to be the ‘greatest spaghetti hunter there has ever been’ and he educates Duck on the complexities of spaghetti and the almost impossible task they are faced with when it comes to finding it. He presents a failsafe spaghetti hunting kit and together they begin their search – trekking up hills, fishing in lakes, digging in the ground and swooshing nets in the air. They have no luck until Tiny Horse claims to have found the illusive pasta and cries out ‘SPAGHETTI!’


But it’s not and you’ll have to read the book to find out what he really finds! It’s the right shape, wibbly and bendy but is definitely not edible and it’s definitely not spaghetti!

After a period of sulking time in his teapot with a book, Duck emerges with a plan. He doesn’t need to find spaghetti; he can make it himself! Armed with a recipe book and all the culinary kit required Duck proves to be a master chef!

If you’re after a silly picture book with a quirky storyline then this is the one for you. It’s sure to put a smile on the face of its audiences however big or small!


Morag Hood
Morag Hood
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