Sona Sharma, Very Best Big Sister by Chitra Soundar & Jen Khatun


Come and take a look at the wonderfully warm, new young fiction story from Chitra Soundar, illustrated by Jen Khatun, Sona Sharma, Very Big Sister.

Soundar’s narrative will wrap you up in the warmth of Sona Sharma’s family as Sona navigates an important time in her life.

Sona is about to become a big sister.

Unsurprisingly this causes lots of big feelings to unravel in Sona, as she tries to navigate the new situation.

Sona’s family is warm, kind and nuturing as they help her come to terms with the changes. But. Most importantly of all, they let Sona choose the name. What an honour. What a responsibility. As the morning of the naming ceremony fast approaches, what name will she choose?

Set in contemporary Chennai, and filled with the smell of jasmine and gentle proverbs of Paatti, Sona Sharma, Very Big Sister is a lovely story for little readers.

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