Snowy White by Gareth P Jones & Loretta Schauer

Well yes it IS Tell a Fairy Tale Day – you of course knew that, didn’t you?!

I’m particuarly excited for this year as I have something quite wonderful to share with you.

Those of you who are wise enought to follow Gareth P Jones on Twitter will know that this author’s talents are not limited to words on the page. Oh no. There are songs a-plenty too, making Twitter a joyous place to be… (there was even an alpaca song not so long ago!!)

The THIRD picture book in Gareth and Loretta’s smile-inducing series has just pounced on to the shelves.

Snowy White is glorious fun, just as I knew it would be. It’s a wonderful, fresh take on the classic with great dialogue and.. cats. Can’t go wrong with cats!

And LOOK! We’ve got a song to go with it! A song!

Have fun…



Fairy Tales

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