Small World by Ishta Mercurio & Jen Corace


Nanda grew bigger. But as she grew, the world grew too.

Small Word is such a lovely story of a girl who explores as she grows. The more she explores, the more world she finds and her desire to learn more and explore more just keeps on growing.

Circles are an important theme in this story – from the circle of her mother’s embrace to the ‘circle called home’ that Nanda sees from an unusual perspective. Nanda also encounters bubbles, roundabouts, stars and cogs, propellers and planets. It’s fun to see how many circle and sphere references you can find in these beautifully illustrated pages.

Further, Nanda begins to make connections between the ‘dots’; seeing constellations in stars, the branches in the trees and the scaffolds and cables in structures. Ultimately this is a story of a girl becoming a scientist and an engineer by first observing her world and then learning how to control it.

Small World shows how purposeful practice and study can lead anyone to achieve their ambitions – even when these ambitions might seem out of this world.

A beautiful story that circles back on itself – Nanda’s mother’s awe in her tiny own baby at the beginning of the story is reflected in Nanda’s own awe at seeing her home from space.

A must-read for budding astronauts and anyone who loves a circle.


Ishta Mercurio
Jen Corace
Abrams Books for Younger Readers

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