Sixteen Souls by Rosie Talbot

Sixteen year-old Charlie Frith is alive and well. However, spending time with the ghosts and ghouls he bumps into around the old streets of York, his every day life can be a living hell. Charlie is a seer which means ghosts either need his help or they want to eat him. Sometimes he doesn’t know which.
Life at school is hard when his ghost friends chat away to him in class and he can’t answer otherwise he’ll be on the end of yet more bullying. Having prosthetic legs is hard enough for other people to accept, but to be caught conversing with someone no-one else can see is another thing altogether.
When desperate souls begin to go missing, it’s up to Charlie to find out why and how! Enter Sam Harrow, a debonair chap and fellow seer who sends his world in a spin. To find out who’s behind the kidnappings and yet unsure of joining forces with an unfamiliar seer, it’s not long before Charlie allows Sam to become a part of their close-knit team. They are desperate to rid the streets of the dark forces that threaten their very existence and they need all the help they can get.
Torn between finding out who has taken the ghosts and his growing affection for Sam, secrets and
lies catapult the two friends into dangerous times. The Shadow Man and his henchmen are ready for war, will Charlie survive the potential armageddon that’s heading York’s way?
Rosie Talbot has created a tense, thought-provoking, spooky tale that will have every reader sleeping with the light on before the last page is turned. A riveting plot will have you hooked as you follow Charlie and Sam as they come face to face with an enemy they seemingly cannot defeat. With moments of terror amid the welcome friendship that means more and more to them with every passing day, Sixteen Souls has the spine-tingling feel of Supernatural with a dollop of Heartstoppers angst thrown in for added measure.
With a fantastic cover by Andrew Davis and internal design by Becka Moor, Sixteen Souls will grab your heart, throw it around a little and then put it back where it belongs – what a story!

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