Shh! We Have A Plan

Shh! We Have A Plan

Chris Haughton (A Bit Lost, Oh No, George!) is back with a picture book brimming with his unique, enjoyable sense of humour.

Shh! We Have A Plan … and the plan is to capture the brightly coloured bird, so temptingly poised on a twig … then in a tree … then in the middle of a river …

A motley crew of four figures prowl around trying desperately to reach the bird with their nets. What follows are humorous scenes reminiscent of a Laurel & Hardy type comedy of errors. If only they’d listen to the little one of the group … isn’t it always the little ones who have the best ideas?!

I love how Haughton turns the tables in those final scenes … and then the twist at the end is pure, classic Haughton humour. Too funny!

Haughton’s narrative is simple yet effective. Repetition of key elements each time the crew creep up on that tempting bird, render this picture book great for reading out loud – we found this really heightened sense of anticipation too!

Shh! We Have A Plan

Haughton’s trade mark in terms of his illustrations is to remain within a strict colour palette for each book. Shh! We Have A Plan exhibits a myriad of rich blues which invoke visions of those traditional blue ink pots in old school classrooms.

Shh! We Have A Plan

The bird that attracts so much attention is resplendent in oranges and purples – a magnificent combination set against that vibrant blue.

Amusing, entertaining and just wonderful to share.

Chris Haughton was interview by My Book Corner here. 


Chris Haughton
Chris Haughton
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