She Rex by Michelle Robinson & Deborah Allwright


I love this! A picture book about dinosaurs with rollicky rhymes, that bonks gender stereotypes on their head. Oh yes!

Ed is quite convinced he knows EVERYthing about dinosaurs, so when his sister patiently explains about the She Rex, who is big, burly and multi-coloured… well, he quickly dismisses it. Afterall, “Dinos are for boys.”


Ed? Well he won’t let this go. He is utterly convinced he is right. Of course he is. He knows ALL about dinosaurs.

Ed’s sister patiently and strongly sticks to what she knows, and swats away the idea that a girly dinosaur would simply prance around in frills and heels. There’s so much more to the She Rex.

With a deeply satisfying twist at the end She Rex provides plenty of giggles and a few things to chat about too. And Deborah Allwright’s bold and colourful illustrations? They’ll have you smiling from ear to ear!



Michelle Robinson
Deborah Allwright

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