Seven Ghosts by Chris Priestley


Harking back to Chris Priestley’s classic Tales of Terror books – which involved one character being told a series of short, unsettling tales culminating in a spooky twist at the end – his new book, Seven Ghosts, is total “haunted mansion” genius!

On a school trip to a stately Manor house, Jake joins a group of kids who won a writing competition with the prize of a ghost tour around the huge house and gardens. At each point in the tour, their guide stops at different locations to tell the children a story about the ghost associated with that place.

Jake listens to all the stories carefully, but he also sees shadows, shapes – and possibly ghosts – himself along the way, but the other children don’t. What is going on – are all the ghosts trying to tell him something? And how has he got these special powers to see the dead?

To tell you anymore would be to give away the story – suffice to say, this is a brilliant book by Chris and I love Barrington Stoke books because they are written and published to be accessible to young readers and those with dyslexia/reading difficulties. And, as this book is a spooky one, having the pages a different colour (to aid reading) makes the illustrations and story seem even more freaky.

Seven Ghosts is a wonderful little book and I highly recommend it!


Chris Priestley
Barrington Stoke

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