Santa Steals Christmas! by Eve Nairn-Magnante & Nicholas Child

Santa has had a busy night delivering presents to children across the world. He’s about to have a well-earned rest when all of a sudden…
…someone dressed as Santa has been stealing all the presents!
With Rudolph and the elves’ help, Santa travels far and wide to track down the culprit. Following footprints and other clues left by the mysterious thief, it’s not long before he catches up with the present stealer. All is not what it seems as he discovers who’s been pretending to be Santa.
Can Santa save Christmas? Who is the gift guzzler that has been sneaking around? Can Head Elf Twinkle and the elves help solve the mystery?
The incredible Eve Nairn-Magnante has created a wonderful Santa-filled story bursting with love, laughter and most of all the importance of family. The twist in the tale is both heartfelt and endearing as the reader is swept up in a fantastic race-against-time story to get presents delivered before sunrise. With colourful illustrations by Nicholas Child, this book is an excellent addition to any bookshelf – not just for Christmas!
This book has been set in Dyslexie Font, a typeface designed by a dyslexic for people with dyslexia. A percentage of sales from this book will be donated to Scottish Autism and Dyslexia Scotland via Work For Good, Eve and her dad Mark have also worked in collaboration with The Good Vikings, Seescape, Clear Vision Project, Calibre Audio and Deaf Action for all the different accessible formats it is available in. Please see the website for further information.

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