Sam And His Dad


Sam and his Dad by prolific children’s book writer Serge Bloch is a delight to read. Touches of humour and a slightly more detailed text make this a perfect Father’s Day themed book for this age group, 4+.

I love that this father-centred book doesn’t proclude the other members of Sam’s family. “My-darling-Mummy-whom-I-love-to-bits” gets several mentions along with little brother Leon who “sometimes wrecks my building.” Grandma even gets a couple of mentions at the end too.

However it is Dad who is the prime focus for Sam, who prefers to be know as ‘Supersam!’

Sam’s character is firmly established at the start, a great touch. As he takes us through the day, a common format, Serge Bloch allows the details he brings in to be quite revealing about their lifestyle and characters. Dad is a drawer, much to Sam’s pure delight.

“draw me a bird, a pigeon,

and also the sea with a lighthouse, crabs and fish.”

His observations about their car journeys and who slept when, frequently draw giggles from a captive audience. We loved the page depicting their rough and tumble antics with mum’s reaction as Sam is spun round the room by Dad.

“She’s always terrified!”

Stylish illustrations from this accomplished artist lend a humorous and considered tone to his enjoyable picture book.


Serge Bloch
Serge Bloch
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