Rosie Loves Jack – Mel Darbon

rosielovesjackRosie Love Jack from Mel Darbon, is one of my standout YA novels from 2018, (see more here).

Rosie, age 16 & ten months, loves Jack. They both go to the same college. But. When Jack’s temper gets the better of him, he his sent away to a treatment centre in Brighton… miles away. Rosie is devastated. She knows that Dad doesn’t really approve of Jack, she also knows that she must do something – because she misses Jack terribly.

Rosie hatches a plan, a detailed daring plan to bring Jack back. Rosie runs away from home, travelling on the train on her own for the very first time. She makes it as far as London, but once there a fierce storm settles in leading to cancelled trains and leaving Rosie stranded at night, in the middle of London.

Whilst a handful of strangers are kind and caring, there are others who want to take advantage of Rosie, who believe they can take advantage of Rosie – because Rosie has Downs Syndrome.

What I love about Rosie Loves Jack is that it’s written in the first person, this is Rosie’s story.

What I love about Rosie Loves Jack are the twists, the turns and the unfolding drama that had me hooked from beginning to end.

A standout novel that’ll have your heart thumping as you root for Rosie, Rosie Loves Jack is a wonderful debut from Mel Darbon. You MUST read it!!




Mel Darbon

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  1. Many, many thanks for such a lovely review. I hope this book helps people like Rosie and many others. Your words will certainly help. 🦋

    • Emma Perry

      Such a gorgeous book!

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