Rory and the Snack Dragons by Louisa MacDougall



With a job title of Bringer of Bones, you’d think young dragon, Rory, would be happy supplying the other dragons with dinner. However, Rory doesn’t like bones or shoes or tutus or anything else human. In fact, he doesn’t even like his uncle and the other dragons, they’re mean to him and he’s never felt as if he truly belongs.

With a lack of small children to eat, the dragon clan are starving and according to them, it’s all his fault! He has one day to provide them with a substantial meal otherwise he’ll get his wings clipped and he’ll never be able to fly again.

Scouring the land he comes across a shiny new bike – the perfect appetiser. Unknown to him, that bike belongs to Flora. He attempts to steal the wheels only for Flora to cling on to her beloved bike and he flies back to the dragon’s lair with an additional passenger.

He soon finds out that there’s more to Flora than just a potential meal for his uncle. She is clever, she is funny and there is no way she’s giving up her bike without a fight.

Flora and Rory need to work together if she’s to survive dinner time and he can stop his wings being clipped.

With magic, mayhem and mischief in abundance, Louisa MacDougall’s Rory and the Snack Dragons is a fantastic culinary explosion for dragons and humans alike. A poignant tale of friendship in a fun and thought-provoking way, Giulia Cregut’s bold illustrations bring Rory and Flora’s world to life.

A superb start to a new series published by Little Door Books, I can’t wait to see what Rory does next!

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