Rescuing Mrs Birdley by Aaron Reynolds & Emma Reynolds


Oh, I ADORE this story. Super funny, and, as a teacher I think I found it DOUBLY so.

You know when some children do that double take when they spot a teacher OUTSIDE of school? That! Aaron Reynolds and Emma Reynolds (no relation!) have captured it brilliantly in their picture book.

Meet the fabulous Miranda Montgomery. She’s an animal expert. She’s watched all the programmes and knows how important it is for all creatures to be helped back to their own, natural habitat.

Can you guess what’s coming…

Miranda spotted her teacher… in a shop!! Away from her natural habitat…


“Luckily, Miranda Montgomery had been preparing for this moment her entire life.”

Using every single tip and trick from her favourite shows, Miranda tries her very best to return Mrs Birdley to her natural habitat… what unravels is brilliantly funny series of fabulous mis-haps.

Rescuing Mrs Birdley is a super funny, super warm story filled to the brim with giggles and energy. And. For an extra treat, you can read all about how Emma Reynolds created the artwork, over here. 


Aaron Reynolds
Emma Reynolds
Simon & Schuster

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