Rebel Animals at Risk by Kimberlie Hamilton


Cover Art: Aaron Cushley

From Kimberlie Hamilton and a whole host of illustrators (see full list below) comes an exciting glimpse in to the animal world. This latest book in the series focuses on individual animals and their amazing stories, whilst focusing on the those species which are at-risk.

This really is a book to absorb, to pore over and to absorb the wealth of information contained inside.

Organised by geographical area and beginning with Africa, Kimberlie then proceeds to present individual animals from each area – the result is an engaging narrative, and a wonderfully eclectic mix of unique stories.

Pocho the crocodile, was found close to death by Chito, a Costa Rican fisherman. Chito took care of the crocodile, saved his life and the pair of them went on to raise awareness of cruelty to wildlife – there really is a lot of variety in these 60 stories!


From stories such as Hvaldimir the beluga whale (spy or not?!), Gizmo who played Hedwig in a certain series of films, to how Yoshi the sea turtle was given her freedom back.

Wow! Such a great collection of  bite-sized stories – perfect for all animals lovers!


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