Princess BMX by Marie Basting

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Marie Basting has created a brilliantly, feisty and funny character through Ava, the absolute star of Princess BMX.

Ava lives in a fairytale kingdom, but, she’s totally over being a princess. It far too boring, and dull and… urgh… she’s always expected to be so prim and proper.

After another day sack sledging down the stairs to beat the boredom, Ava accidentally stumbles into the fireplace. Literally. Before she knows it the hidden portal has whisked her away from her home town of Biscotti filled with gingerbread cottages, to a place that you and I will recognise as the city of London.

Can you imagine a fairy-tale princess stumbling round the big city streets?

Luckily she bumps into Ethan and the world of BMX. Ava is immediately drawn to this sport – its exciting, thrilling and she doesn’t need to wear a frilly dress to take part. Perfect! It’s a hard sport to master, she’s never ridden a bike before, but Ava persists – she keeps returning via the portal in order to learn this new skill.

Meanwhile, the town of Biscotti is beset by an evil spell, and Ava’s own brother is kidnapped. She’s the only one with the skills to rescue him… but can she get there in time?

Princess BMX is a book about being brave, about being true to you. It’s a spellbinding adventure with the most perfect heroine.


Marie Basting
Flavia Sorrentino
Chicken House

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