Pom Pom Is Super

Pom Pom Is Super-Pom Pom is back! Pom Pom Is Super is the latest Pom adventure from the talented picture book creator Sophy Henn.

Pom Pom bursts out of bed, ‘full of the fidgets and feeling fantastic’ – what a wonderful line! And the reason for his excitement? His friends are coming round for a play. Perfect.

He’s got it all planned – snacks, his best toys are out ready and waiting. When each friend turns up as a superhero, Pom Pom is a bit confused. They are all so super, but what is Pom Pom super at? He tries biscuit juggling and even flying … but they don’t quite work out.

In a lovely conclusion his lovely friends show Pom Pom all the things he’s already super at.

Henn’s great use of dialogue helps establish Pom Pom as a truly adorable character, and this is clearly the strength of this beloved series – Pom Pom’s gorgeous character shines through.

Henn’s illustrations are set against bold coloured backgrounds, allowing the characters expressions and actions to really shine through.

A huge My Book Corner thumbs up to Pom Pom Is Super, can’t wait to see what this adorable character gets up to next!


Sophy Henn
Sophy Henn
Penguin Books

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